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Programming adaptors imageOur range of socket adapters is designed to fit any ZIF socket based programming platform and enhance these platforms to be able to program the complete range of package styles available for the PIC microcontroller families. We also supply a number of universal adaptors to suit other manufacturers' devices.

The range is modular in design and requires a base board and an adapter board to program almost any of the PIC16 and PIC18 families. The base board fits into the ZIF socket of the programmer. There are two base boards available: LEW901 and LEW902. The former covers all devices from 20 pins downwards, and the latter covers all devices from 28 pins upwards. These base boards have quality board to board IDC connectors for rapid and reliable connection of the desired device package adapter top board.

The top adapter boards are package type specific covering packages such as SO, TSSOP, SSOP, SN, SM, SL, PLCC, TQFP. Future package types will be supported on this platform as they are introduced and required by users.

All users of programming platforms such as Microchip’s own ICD2, PICSTART PLUS, and Promate systems, plus specialist third party programmers such as BPM Microsystems, Data I/O, Stag, Dataman etc. will find the adapter range an excellent low cost and reliable way to upgrade their system to program the full range of device package types the PIC micro comes in.

Pin 1 location is clearly indicated on both base and top boards for error free rapid insertion of devices.

We sell programming adaptors both directly and through a number of distributors but our primary outlet is via Farnell. A limited range (LEW08 & LEW18/28) are available from Rapid Electronics. Please see below for an explanation of which adaptors are suitable for particular devices.

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Microchip PIC Modules
LEW901 973-6573 Baseboard for 8-20 pin pics
LEW902 973-6581 Baseboard for 28-44 pin pics
LEW903 973-6590 Top Board for 8 pin SN and 14 pin SL packages (use with LEW901)
LEW904 973-6603 Top Board for 8 pin SM packages (use with LEW901)
LEW905 973-6611 Top Board for 18 pin SO packages (use with LEW901)
LEW906 973-6620 Top Board for 28 pin SO packages (use with LEW902)
LEW907 973-6638 Top Board for 44 pin L packages (use with LEW902)
LEW908 973-6646 Top Board for 14 pin ST packages (use with LEW901)
LEW909 973-6654 Top Board for 20 pin SS packages (use with LEW901)
LEW910 973-6662 Top Board for 28 pin SS packages (use with LEW902)
LEW911 973-6689 Top Board for 44 pin PT packages (use with LEW902)
Universal Modules
LEW-SOT-23-6 N/A Complete module for SOT-23-6 packages (PIC10Fxxx) Contact us directly for details on how to buy
LEW300 973-6697 Complete module for 16-28 pin 300Mil SO Packages
LEW08 698-180 Complete lidded module for 208 MIL Body Devices 8 pin(Microchip SM)
LEW14 113-554 Complete lidded module for 150 MIL Body Devices 8/14 pin(Microchip SN/SL)
LEW18/28 <698-179 Complete lidded module for 300 MIL body 18/28 pin (Microchip SO)

Diagram showing LEW9xx module baseboard and  top board fitting togetherPlease note that all of the LEW9xx modules require both a base board and a top board to function but you do not need to buy more than one base board of each type
(see diagram opposite)

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