Our History...

Lewmax was founded in 1993 by Darren and Andy Turner, who were the first agents to bring Microchip to the UK.

They quickly identified a market need to offer a volume programming service for their devices. Using their extensive knowledge, they built unique robotic machines to provide high speed programing using standard manufacturer algorithms. This process has allowed Lewmax to cut production lead times and to pass on substantial cost savings directly to the customer.

Today Lewmax are owned by Castello Holding Company, who have invested over £1 million in plant and machinery. Lewmax has subsequently grown from a 1,500 sq ft building to a 13,000 sq ft state of the art facility in Leicester, UK.

Their 9 bespoke programming machines have the capacity output of 30 million components annually, serving the UK and Europe, as well as shipping over 1 million units to China.

Our 26 years of extensive programming knowledge and expertise, allows Lewmax to offer the most competitive pricing available in Europe, with its success story based on innovation born out of competitive customer-driven investment decisions.