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Laser Marking, Labelling and Ink Dot Services

Lewmax offers a wide variety of marking services and are flexible depending on your needs.  From simple ink dot, to bespoke labels or using our own laser robotics we can offer a bespoke laser marking service.


Laser Marking 

Our laser marking service is fast, efficient and cost effective with speeds of up to 5000 devices per hour, 1000 characters per second and a cutting depth of less than 25 µm/1 mil you can be assured of a marking method that has no impact on your device and the crystal clear sharp outline of the laser gives a truly professional job.  We can mark any style of text or graphic /logo giving a unique identification.


As well as laser marking QFP, PLCC, BGA , PLCC and just about any other semiconductor package we can also laser mark other types of product. so contact us with your custom marking requirement.  


Bespoke Labels

Our label service offers a flexible range of styles and placement using industry standard materials  such as heat resistant Kapton/Polyimide, Polyester or paper depending on you individual requirements.

Ink Dot

We offer an ink dot or stripe marking service to suit your requirements however we would recommend our Laser service which is more efficient and cost effective.​

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